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Get Involved!

Here at Youth for Greater Good (YFGG) we pride ourselves in being liaisons for our youth, their parents and our community, and the Omaha community at large. We believe everyone holds an intricate piece of the puzzle and together we can create a bright picture of our future. Whether you're an organization or community leader looking to collaborate, a business looking to sponsor a program or event, or a single person wanting to donate their time or skill, or someone who can expose our youth to important resources and opportunities, everyone can bring something to the table and we are always looking for ways to bridge the gaps that hinder our youth and establish meaningful partnerships. Whatever the capacity is, we at YFGG will be sure to find a way for you to get involved and further our mission!


Donate Today!

By becoming a valued donor or sponsoring meals or an event you have the freedom to decide how often you donate from one time or monthly, what your donation is used for whether its transportation, meals, or program materials, and the option to sponsor a specific program such as our culture program, after-school program, college program, or a monthly event. All donations go towards ensuring we are meeting the needs of our consistently growing organization and participants. 

Volunteer your time!

The more hands we have on deck, the better our quality of programming is and allocates more people our youth are exposed to on their journey of growth! You can volunteer your time as a mentor, tutor, assist with transporting youth to program, or chaperone at field trips/events. With the abundant amount of programs we offer, we are sure to find the right fit for you to utilize your time and maximize what you get out of your time with us. Contact us to begin the process of becoming a YFGG Volunteer. Not sure you're able to commit just yet? No worries! email us to receive our monthly calendar so you know when and where to find us and stop by whenever you're free! It would be an honor to have you and EVERYONE is welcomed at YFGG!


Email us at to receive our monthly calendar 


Email to explore partnerships or collaborative opportunities 

Become a partner or let's collaborate! 

For decades the South Sudanese community has remained sheltered from the rest of Omaha. This defense mechanism that many refugee communities find themselves in is showing to have a negative affect on the youth. They're missing out on key opportunities and resources and continue to feel left out. YFGG aims to foster meaningful connections and partnerships with various communities and do that through partnering with other non-profit organizations, businesses, and community leaders. Our South Sudanese community has a lot to offer and our youth possess a great deal of potential, we want that to be known! We also want to expose our youth and community to what our diverse welcoming city of Omaha has to offer. Email our Executive Director today and lets explore the opportunities before us!

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