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Since 2016, Youth for Greater Good has been nurturing and supporting our community’s youth. All of our programs are designed with their best interests in mind and have incorporated feedback from community/youth dialogues we hosted. At YFGG, we provide our youth with skills and connect them to the resources they need to thrive in society while promoting love and embracing their cultural roots . From our after-school program, to our college support or summer creative mentoring program, to the entrepreneur bootcamp, we have a variety of programs that are available to all. Browse through our services, and see the extent of what we have to offer. Keep in mind, we are always welcoming and open to partnership and volunteers!



Education is a vital mandatory tool used for advancement and sustainability. At YFGG we approach education with considerable importance. With our understanding of lived refugee experiences we bridge the gaps and serve as an added support for our participants and their families.



Mentoring, at its core has proven positive outcomes in various areas for those mentored. It is our mission at YFGG to shape the future of South Sudanese youth, and providing positive, effective mentoring relationships & opportunities is significant when working with the demographic that we serve. Through our programming and one on one and group mentoring we are shaping future leaders of tomorrow, today. 

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What makes YFGG unique is our cultural approach to serving our youth. Providing a space for South Sudanese youth is an effective start. We also seek to encourage self identity and as children of refugees, understanding your roots and heritage is consequential to loving oneself and the community they are apart of. 

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