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Omaha, NE is home to the largest population of South Sudanese in America and have called Omaha home for over 2 decades. Community outreach and events are important to us here at YFGG, it not only promotes unity within our community but with the many diverse communities in Omaha its an opportunity to bridge the gaps. We pride ourselves in serving as a liaison for the youth and their families while also showcasing what wonderful people the South Sudanese community is. 

Community Events & Outreach 

Youth for Greater Good emphasis safety and inclusivity. ALL are welcome. 

Annual YFGG Back to School Drive

In 2017, Youth for Greater Good pioneered the very first back to school drive within the South Sudanese community. Giving away free back packs to all age groups equipped with school supplies to last them throughout the school year is what makes us different and encourages our community to keep coming back.  ​ Fast forward to YFGG Back to School Drive 2020 we expanded our services to provide to our Omaha community at large during the COVID pandemic. Having given away over 800 backpacks in our short time, we look forward to serving for years to come! Now the Back to School Drive has become an annual event for the South Sudanese community to practice inter-communal togetherness. YFGG strives to partner and work with community partners to promote unity and serve the underserve

Youth & Community Dialogues 

Started by our dedicated and visionary leaders back in 2016, Youth for Greater Good has grown into an impactful Community movement. We emphasize transparency in everything we do, setting bold goals and pursuing a clear strategy that seeks to move the needle. We are constantly growing and adapting to the changes of society and community, our dialogues are what started it all and set the foundation with the feedback received.

Youth & Community Outreach

By partnering with Omaha business and community organizations YFGG bridges the gap and brings valuable information, resources, and opportunities to the South Sudanese community. With events like our Summer Fair we hosted various organizations and clubs for South Sudanese youth and their families to learn about the many resources available to them and their children. Partnering with Do Space of Omaha brought in over 100 South Sudanese families to sign up and participate in their tech program, which puts laptops and free Do Space classes into the homes of underserved communities in Omaha. Many refugee communities miss out on important resources due to language and lack of information getting to them, at YFGG we are always hard at work to ensure we get resources and information in the hands of our communities.

Community Cookouts & Family Events

Every summer YFGG brings youth of all ages, their families, and communities out for wholesome positive fun! Whether it's a community cook out to celebrate the current graduating class or a water balloon fight for the younger kids we are sure to find something to bring the entire family out. We focus on safety and positivity and want to show that as a community we deserve events to enjoy each other and promote unity and family togetherness.

OmaROSS Weekend

OmaROSS is a tagline that was created by the South Sudanese community in 2014 to represent the Republic of South Sudan (ROSS) in Omaha NE. With the collaboration of 5 South Sudanese organizations (ROSS Leaders, Visions 2 Reality, GMoney I Am, So Elite, YFGG) a weekend full of festivities was created to link South Sudanese youth in Omaha and beyond. Many came across state lines to highlight and showcase South Sudanese excellence from sports through basketball clinics and tournaments, to culture, where YFGG hosted a culture night highlighting South Sudanese art, fashion, and dancing, and lastly  workshops to educate the youth.

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